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Sophomore Carter Lankford offers free online tutoring service--By Mackenzie Bivin

Distance learning has been a challenge for students and teachers alike. However, for one industrious RB High student, distance learning has been the inspiration to launch a service to help his fellow students. Combining his love of mathematics and helping people, sophomore Carter Lankford is now offering free online math tutoring. Students in need can sign up on Lankford's website, coachingwithcarter.com, and Lankford will schedule an online tutoring session, using Zoom or FaceTime, to connect. According to his website, Lankford promises "[a]n experienced math tutor from the comforts of your home."

Lankford has worked with students on a variety of math levels, from 5th-grade mathematics to honors pre-calculus and AP Statistics. He also has tutored SAT math levels as he did for junior Garett Savage. Savage is a family friend of Lankford, and they discussed the idea of Coaching with Carter before Lankford offered the service. After Lankford launched the website, Savage signed up on the website for a tutoring session and has been working with Lankford ever since. According to Savage, the experience has been worthwhile.

“I’m not really good with word problems in math,” Savage said, “but [Lankford] walked me through it and put it in math terms, from English to math . . . we’ve been doing sessions over and over . . . and it’s made things a lot easier.”

According to Savage, he plans to continue to work with Lankford and would recommend it to whomever might need some extra help in math.

“I would totally recommend it,” Savage said. “He knows what he’s talking about and what he’s dealing with . . . he’s giving you one-on-one treatment of your class and the resources you need to do well.”

According to Savage, Lankford is passionate about his free online tutoring. Lankford oozed this passion when asked about why he created this service.

“During distance learning, I was trying to brainstorm ideas on how to give back to the community . . . when I saw a bunch of social media posts asking for help on problems in math,” Lankford said. “I was thinking I could probably [tutor] for most math levels . . . and I wanted to provide that outlet for [students] to get help.”

Lankford has spent the last couple of weeks providing online math help to students. Tutoring a variety of clients, Lankford has been hosting one-on-one sessions that range from thirty to sixty minutes multiple times a week. According to Lankford, he spends about four hours a week in sessions.

“I understand that kids might have trouble with multiple areas of school, whether it’s paying attention or not being able to understand the concept or a mixture of both,” Lankford said. “I make sure to provide not really a classroom setting . . . I try to build that relationship so that the participant feels more comfortable talking with me and . . . working through problems and staying calm.”

Although Lankford’s tutoring service is free, Lankford offers an option to donate. The money donated goes towards the food banks of San Diego.

“During this time, the poorer part of our community could be struggling with stores closed,” Lankford said. “They are going to need that little bit of extra help. I decided to donate all of the money I raise to food banks in order to provide for the community and help as much as possible.”

So far, Lankford has raised approximately $120. Although he hopes to continue to raise money, Lankford says that his focus is on helping people with math.

According to Lankford, he has enjoyed his experience running Coaching with Carter and plans to continue his service well after the stay-at-home order is lifted.

“I definitely want to continue this service into next school year,” Lankford said. “I plan to continue it, and I don’t plan on looking back anytime soon.”

Lankford’s service shows his dedication to his community. When a student is struggling with math, Coachingwithcarter.com provides a personalized tutoring service at no cost.


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