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Main Artist: Sarah Yuen

Assistant Artists: Polly Fitton, Nina Gerardi, Mackenzie Carmichael

NOTE: Only students who consented to share their information on the senior survey were included. Students not included on the spread did not say "yes" to making their information public or did not complete the senior survey.

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Elizabeth Winn


Polly Fitton

Harshawn Ratanpal


Sarah Yuen


Sarah Yuen

Nina Gerardi

Mackenzie Carmichael

Polly Fitton

Business Manager:

Karen Rodriguez

Staff Writers:

Mackenzie Bivin

Mackenzie Carmichael

Nina Gerardi

JohnMark Rimestad

Daniella Abbott

Audrey Street

Gabriella Collins

Reese Houchins

Jordan Pullett

Megan Jones

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